Why We Teach

One of the coolest things we get a chance to do is we take something like reading or writing, something that might have seemed impossible for some of these kids, and we make it accessible. We make it fun. A student we had with us this summer, he’d had a lot of anxiety surrounding his work. There were some days he even had a hard time getting through the door in the morning;  that was his level of anxiety when it came to school work. By the end of his time with us, he told one of his tutors, “I wish you guys were my teachers during the school year.” Yes, it was remarkable that he was reading and we helped him do that, but even more than that, there’s this self-esteem component that’s so remarkable. That’s something we don’t teach. Success teaches that. We just happen to be lucky enough to see that. The way that kids feel about themselves after working with us, that right there is why I teach at Aucocisco.