Aucocisco School meets students at their level when they arrive. We provide a safe, consistent, and nurturing environment to help students recover their confidence and their enjoyment of learning. We offer flexible scheduling for students in elementary school through high school.

Full-day Program:  Aucocisco offers a full academic day program for school-age students who learn differently. Our child-centered academic and social skills programs stress the acquisition of skills students need and strategies they can use. Our goal is to give students the critical skills and strategies they need to succeed in their next endeavor.

Partial-day Programs:  Most students begin in a full-day program. As they approach a transition out of Aucocisco School, students may spend part of their day in another setting such as public school, another private school, technical or vocational school, or a work-study placement. These part-time placements allow our students to try out their new skills while still having the support of Aucocisco School available to them during their transition.

Intensive reading and math Programs: Some students may attend a partial day program focusing solely on individual reading or math in order to derive maximum gains in the shortest possible time.